How I Get 20 Leads Per Day From Social Media Using The Rockefeller Method


Everybody says starting your own internet business is the smartest thing you can do.

As you know internet marketing is tough.

There’s competition from everywhere.

Things are only going to get tougher.

Some people, keeping an open mind, have figured out how to cash a second paycheck every single week using social media.

I’m just curious…have you found the financial opportunity to take care of your family for life?

How much time do you spend looking?

Everybody knows that 2 paychecks are better than 1.

Most people that I show this to are curious, but some of them aren’t.

You know the type.

They love to bitch about how hard things are, they join bitcoin ponzi cyclers and spam their links willy nilly instead of learning skills and building a real business.

I’m just curious…are you generating 20 leads per day from social media yet?

what type of company do you own

What I Do and How I Do It

Once you learn the skills, you can use them anywhere.

Remember, social platforms come and go. You aren’t married to the tech, you own the skills.

NOTE: I learned many of these skills from a book that Tony Robbins turned me onto.  If you want a free copy go here ===> “DotComSecrets”.

Let me make some assumptions about you.

You want to make more money
You have a few hours a week to do it
You’re on a limited budget
You see other people earning
You dream about one day being free

Maybe one day the current social media platforms will perish like MySpace and Friendster. But for now, there’s a billion active people on it. It has chat, voice, video communication. Tons of groups on every topic on earth.

For now, today, your ability to get leads on social media lies in your ability to create interest. If you can, you are rewarded by an algorithm.

When you make a post on your wall, little computer programs float it out to a small number of your friends. If a few of those people engage, then the algo pushes it out to a few more. If some of them engage, the snowball keeps rolling.

When you see the dum dums posting for the 9th time that morning flashing cash, or hyping their ponzi, or the latest motivational quote, and they get no love, they wonder why no one wants to buy their exogenous ketones, ruffcoin cycler or $3000 water filter.


A Bit About Me

a bit about me

On The Beach in Mexico

My friends call me Yoda. Back when I did competitive jiu-jitsu I was small, old and ferocious. And occasionally I would share some hard-earned wisdom with the younger fighters.

This little Cheat Sheet is definitely not Shakespeare. I want to get right into YOU making money using The Rockefeller Method.

The richest man in the history of modern free enterprise was John D. Rockefeller. He was worth more than Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the dude from Walmart and the fella from Amazon COMBINED.

Yes, he made his big fortune selling oil. But not a lot of entrepreneurs realize that he made SEVERAL smaller fortunes controlling the machines behind the oil empire.

He was one of the largest barrel manufacturers in America. You see, back then oil was shipped in oak barrels. He controlled nearly 5000 miles of pipeline. In fact, he got paid handsomely to move oil around for his competition!

Andrew Carnegie followed the Rockefeller Method. He started out as a bobbin boy in a Pittsburgh textile plant making $2 week. He moved into oil wells, railroads, then iron works.

Then he started making steel for those enterprises. He started selling steel to his competition and made an absolute fortune.

How I Generate 20 Leads Per Day


During the California Gold Rush, many immigrants moved west not to mine gold, but to sell picks and shovels to the miners. One of the most famous of these was a German immigrant named Levi. He had a protective clothing line that he had created for the miners that became the most popular blue jean in America. You might have heard of him….Levi Strauss?

What do these 3 entrepreneurs have in common?

They had multiple streams of income.

They positioned themselves in front of giant waves of momentum.

They sold infrastructure to their competition.

So what does this mean for you?

The Rockefeller Method can create money for you if you keep it simple.


1. You need something to sell.

2. You need a way to find a prospect.

3. You need a way to sell it to them.

4. You need a way to do it over and over again while you sleep and play.


4 steps.

If you’re new to all this, let me give you a couple of quick concepts.

  • Don’t be negative. Unless you want to be really negative then go hard
  • No politics. Unless you want to be very political, then go hard. Blow off half the country, but attract the other half.
  • No religion. Unless you want to repel half the population and attract the other half.
  • Half the population has a pet
  • Half the population smokes and/or drinks
  • People like people like them

Rule #1: don’t be boring.

Stand for something.

Be ok with standing for something.


  • I’m about freedom.
  • I’m about entrepreneurialism.
  • I’m about self-development.
  • I’m not about flashy cars or bikini chix.
  • I like lifestyle hacking, shortcuts to fitness, multiple streams of income, laptop cash flow, and getting job optional.

I tend to attract those similar to me and repel the ones that are about university, 60 hour work weeks, suits and ties, and job security.

Well? What are YOU about?

Most home-based business junkies on social media are too busy blasting products and companies instead of building a base of fans and friends.

Everyday I…

  • Like 100 posts in 10 work at home groups
  • Hand pick 10 profiles to invite as new friends
  • Do my happy birthdays with video
  • Private message 20 people as a follow-up
  • Like 20 posts on my 20 newest friends walls

Sounds like work?

Yes, this is a daily practice to actively engage humans that are like me in order to get my posts showing on their walls thanks to the magic of algos. ⇐ IMPORTANT!!!!

If you are not willing to put in the active engagement work, I have 3 suggestions for you.


STEP ONE: LEARN HOW TO MARKET ONLINE. Start small and test. Test your landing page. Test your ad copy. Test your ad vendors. Make a list of 20 things you learned and sell it or give it away as a lead magnet.

HINT: get this book to get on the right track —> click here.


STEP TWO: Use software to automate this for you. If automation intrigues you try this tool. The training and tool is fantastic. HINT: 95% of the people that get this report won’t invest $20 in their business. But you and I are special, right?

I have a new favorite ad source that is unusual by today’s definition…but it is a GOLD MINE! SSShhhh…keep this one secret for now.

Protect Your Real Estate

Your personal social media wall is your most precious real estate.

If you spray paint graffiti you will attract the hammer heads.

The algos hate external links. If you were an insider would you want all your eyeballs leaving where the ad dollars are made to go somewhere else?

Get people to express their interest instead. Get creative! If someone gives you a thumbs up, a heart, throws a sheep at you, pokes you, comments, shares, or in anyway engages, then you have a tiny window of opportunity to escalate.

A couple of things to think about…

  • If you go from liking zero posts a day to 500 a day you might end up in jail for a few days. If you use automation make sure you use it as directed. I know 18 year old kids with 25 profiles getting over a thousand leads per day and they never get jailed. Use your brain, start small and scale.
  • You will get a lot of people messaging you because you liked their post. Don’t whip it out and start comparing labels!
  • Always look at profiles first before you friend anyone. I’m looking for 5-10 quality people per day from tier 1 countries.
  • I always ask questions. It seems to hypnotize them and you gain control

The Power of Questions

“Thanks for the friend request! How long have you been doing that?”

“Is that your first online business or have you tried other things before?”

“What do you do full time while you are doing that?”

“I’m just curious…how are you getting your leads and prospects for that?”

“I type with thumbs, would you be up for chatting via voice instead?” ⇐ (hint: this is gold)

Remember: this is a skill.

Don’t be weird
Don’t be in a hurry
Ask good questions
Never send a link ever….Unless….

Unless what?

He or she who sends a link first…loses.

Unless….they ask you for your link!!!

When I send a link….

  • They ask me for my link
  • I always send them to an optin page
  • I always give them a freebie
  • My freebie has value
  • My freebie has links in it
  • I always follow-up in 48 hours

Let me give you an example of what not to do….

I know a guy that lives in California that joined a magic juice company in 2005. He got in early and hit it hard.

His blog was all juice all the time. He had twitter in 2007, all juice all the time.

He got an iPhone in 2009, had pictures of him holding bottles of juice, then guys in lambos and buses, then later his mansion.

The juice deal died a horrible death in 2010. He lost his cars and his mansion. Guess what he did on his wall?

The next deal of course. Some internet video thing.

Oops…that died too. Then a skin care deal for nearly a year.

Woops, got in too late. 2015 a pre-launch feeder funnel…for what? A cash-for-bids ponzi? Uh-oh.

2017. Vitamin deal. Look at the big launch! Wait a minute…those faces look familiar…some of them still have juice stains on their chin.

Every time the dude changed deals he blasted every friend, blasted his email lists, blasted every relative, junkie and contact from the last deal.

Zero credibility
Zero leadership

*** The home-based business industry is filled with experts driving their cars while looking in the rear view mirror. ***

Let me tell you what my first 7 figure mentor told me…

“Yoda, the methods will change, what’s working now will change, but the skill set is timeless. Just keep planting seeds as long as you have breath in your body.”

5 ways to be more memorable:

  1. Use video
  2. Message people to watch your video
  3. Create your own groups
  4. Send video privately on birthdays
  5. Change your profile picture monthly

Why video?

The future of social media is video. You must get good at it.

You add tremendous value and engagement with short, punchy videos on a single topic. Solve one problem, tell one story, share one idea.

  • Get out of the house.
  • Use your phone.
  • Look directly at the camera.
  • Smile.
  • Talk to 1 person…. Don’t you hate it when they say “hi guys, buy my stuff?”

Where is the money made?

In private messages. You must get good at finding the people who are looking to solve their pain.

I look for people who have spent real money to start something.
Real estate agents. Insurance people. Personal trainers. They all have skin in the game.

Traditional old skool mlmers. If you see them blasting a brand name on their wall, their job, their profile…they need you. Someone who buys $2000 worth of skincare to sell and thinks they can just put up a photo in their feed with a link needs help with their marketing, right?

I tend to avoid junkies. And the definition of a junkie changes every few years.

My mentor told me that in 1978 there were less than 30 real mlm deals. By 1998 there were about 300. And by 2008 there were 3000.

When the stock market and economy crashed in 2008 the concept of a junkie changed. Flat out money-game gifting programs that had previously been only pushed through direct mail or fax blasting went mainstream.

Today there are thousands and thousands of micro-ponzis, too many to count. It’s impossible to stand out online by pushing an opportunity. Your email inbox is flooded to saturation.

The way to stand out is to have a clear powerful voice, and a clear and powerful philosophy.

Hunt 1 at a time. Have 20 conversations going at a time, but know exactly where you are going.

HINT: a prospect sufficiently frustrated will listen to you if they believe you can relieve their pain.

If someone spent $4000 on juice, skin care, websites, coaching, and convention flyins, they do not need a new opportunity.

They need help with their marketing. If you help them break even they will love you forever.


  • Can you tell them what books to read?
  • Can you tell them what not to spend money on?
  • Can you help them attract 1 customer?
  • Can you help them get rid of stupid internet stuff that doesn’t work?
  • Can you invite them on your next training?
  • Can you teach them 1 script so they aren’t mumbling to strangers?

A script for finding prospects will work in any setting in real life!

One of the best books to learn what to say is “The game” by Neil Strauss.

Neil made 7 figures teaching frustrated guys what to say to girls in order to get a date.

My buddy Jason, a shy internet nerd from Manchester used his scripts to meet girls in London on the tube.

“Excuse me do you know what time it is?”

Girl fumbles for mobile phone. “Half ten”


Jason turns away, then turns back and smiles.

“You’re very helpful! My friend and I are looking for a place to grab a cuppa….are you friendly or dangerous?”

Girl looks confused, then grins….”Oh I’m dangerous!”

HUGE -====> People like to be asked questions they already know the answer to.


Your Daily Method of Operation

  • Post 2-3 times a day on your personal wall to demonstrate results, value and leadership
  • If people know what company you are in you are doing it wrong
  • Give away a freebie for an opt-in
  • Like 100 posts per day in groups
  • Invite 10 people per day to be friends
  • Message 20 people per day from your friends list
  • Use video to stand out
  • Ask questions in groups
  • Comment 20 times per day in discussions
  • Never post links
  • In private messages lead with questions not links
  • Be consistent with your activity, message & philosophy
  • Look for people that have spent money and are in pain
  • Avoid the junkies
  • Use automation wisely
  • Protect your real estate
  • Get good at the Transition from chat to voice to build real connections

Some Cool Ideas To Remember…

Some of these ideas I got from this training
Most people complain – stay focused
Most people quit before they get to 5000 friends.
Read DotComSecrets and implement!!!

My Favorite Way To Make Money

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You got this.

Be different.



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